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Dental Emergencies: How to Keep Your Smile in Tip-Top Shape While You’re on the Road

No one wants to experience a dental emergency on the road. However, even though this is the case, dental emergencies do tend to happen. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent these situations and keep your smile in tip-top shape. To help you, Dr. [doctor_name] and our dental team are happy to tell you about those things! First,…

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Dentures Can Be Used to Replace Teeth Lost to Periodontal Disease

The American Dental Association estimates that gum disease needlessly afflicts the oral health of approximately 47 percent of Americans over the age of 30. Also known as periodontal disease, it is usually caused by poor oral hygiene practices that allow hardened tartar to form near the gumline. Your chances of developing this potentially dangerous gum infection increase significantly if you…

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A Tooth That Suffers from a Large Cavity Might Need a Crown Restoration

Cavities are often the result of poor oral hygiene or enamel erosion. When bacteria compromises an area of weakened tooth enamel, the tooth decay will gradually continue to spread. With early diagnosis and treatment, Dr. [doctor_name] might be able to repair the tooth at [hisher] [city], [state], clinic with a dental filling. If you delay seeking professional care, the cavity…

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Smile Brighter with Invisalign®

Did you know that straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth? With straighter teeth comes greater oral health. If you need a treatment option for straighter teeth, we are pleased to offer Invisalign® for our patients in [city], [state] and the surrounding communities. Invisalign is a clear aligner system that can go virtually undetected by your peers and still…

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