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In-Office Teeth Whitening

Deep stains on your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious. The depth and degree of the stains will influence the whitening method Dr. [doctor_name] recommends. If you’ve been unimpressed with the whitening products sold in stores, or if your teeth are deeply stained, [heshe] will likely recommend a dental bleaching treatment. The potent whitening agents your dentist uses represent the…

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A Few Facts About Plaque

You’ve probably heard about plaque before–especially if you’ve ever visited a dentist–but do actually know what it is? Do you know what you can do to keep plaque at bay, stop it from forming, and the effect plaque can actually have on your smile? Plaque is a soft substance that builds up on your teeth. Plaque typically forms when there’s…

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Cracked Tooth? We Can Help!

Have you ever bitten into one of your favorite foods and heard a crack? As you can probably know—or can at least guess—this can be an extremely unpleasant experience. Sadly, many people feel that they can wait to have this problem addressed, but we recommend looking for treatment immediately. Sometimes a cracked tooth may be caused by a cavity. If…

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Buy Oral Hygiene Products That Carry the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance

At Krupka Dental Associates, we understand that using the right oral care products can make a big difference in your healthy smile. Modern day marketing messages have a tendency to use invasive language and flashy graphics to promote products that will turn a profit. Unfortunately, some of the messages attached to certain oral hygiene products have a tendency to overpromise…

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Dentures Are Often an Effective Way to Replace the Form and Function of Compromised Teeth

Welcome to Krupka Dental Associates online! Did you know that chronic issues with gum disease and tooth decay can severely compromise the full function of your mouth? Beyond simply impairing your ability to efficiently chew food, it can also cause you to slur your speech and leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. In a case like this, our dentist, Dr. John…

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