Tips to Adapt Your Diet to Dentures

If you have missing teeth and are considering new dentures to restore your smile, you may also need to adjust your diet and eating habits. Artificial teeth may change the way you eat for a while, and you will need to practice using dentures to chew. If you are unsure how to eat with dentures and which foods to avoid, our team is happy to provide the following tips!

– Eat soft foods: Eat only soft foods when you first receive dentures. Take small bites and then chew slowly and use both sides of your mouth.

– Bite with care: If you have a habit of using your front teeth to bite into food, you will need to begin using your canines instead or avoiding this altogether. Biting with the front of your dentures can cause them to loosen and may irritate your gums if they begin to shift around.

– Eat with confidence: It takes only a few days or weeks for dentures to become comfortable and feel natural. At this point, you should be okay to eat tougher and firmer food. Though, we advise against chewing gum or eating food that is hot or has sharp bones and shells.

– Adopt a long-term diet: Eventually, you can enjoy a diet that is very similar to your original one. The real difference is to avoid sticky and hard food that could affect dentures.

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