Working with Dental Sealants

With a small bit of help from oral sealants, you can keep your molars working smoothly, free from cavities and tooth erosion. Here’s a little bit of information on dental sealants for you and how they work. If you have further inquiries after reviewing this post, feel free to ask them to us during your next visit

Dental sealants, which protect your pearly whites from hurtful acids and tooth erosion, function pretty simply. Imagine a raincoat. The rain falls on it, but because of the special material on the coat, the rain rolls right off. Like the raincoat, the dental sealant is formed using a special substance, but it fights bacterial acids and tooth decay instead of rain. While cavity-triggering acids would typically be making holes in your molars, these holes (cavities) won’t form as fast when you have an oral sealant on your tooth. Without the sealant, cavities will be much more likely to develop. With or without the sealant, it’s still critical to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once daily.

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