Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Root Canals

Are you familiar with root canals? Root canals are common treatments in dentistry, but they are only typically needed if serious damage has taken place in your mouth. If you have sustained any pulp damage, it is important to remove the pulp with a root canal therapy.

Dental erosion and cavities can eventually lead to root canals. If a cavity is left untreated in a tooth, eventually it will wear completely through the enamel and leave your tooth canal vulnerable to infection. Once bacteria enter the tooth, your pulp can easily be damaged. If your pulp is damaged, either an extraction or a root canal will be required.

Root canals can arise from other forms of damage as well. Oral accidents and injuries such as blunt trauma or blows to the face or jaw can easily damage your teeth and your pulp. In some cases, you may have sustained damage to your tooth enamel but it is not visible. Even microscopic fractures in your tooth enamel are large enough for bacteria to enter through and damage your pulp. Even if you have sustained heavy damage via an oral accident, root canals may be able to save your teeth.

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